Mobile bartending is a growing trend in the hospitality industry, where bartenders bring their skills and equipment to events and parties to serve guests drinks and cocktails. We bring “Lola” our 1956 Ford F1 Custom with 5 taps.

Advantages of mobile bartending include:

Convenience: With mobile bartending, guests can enjoy drinks and cocktails without leaving their location, making it a convenient option for events, parties and even corporate functions. Usually cheaper to hire a mobile bartender than to hire a full bar service at the venue that your event is taking place at.

Professionalism: Mobile bartenders are trained professionals who bring their skills, experience and equipment to your event, ensuring the quality of the drinks and cocktails served.

Customization: Mobile bartenders can create custom drinks and cocktails to suit the specific theme and taste preferences of your event, making it a unique and personalized experience for your guests.

Flexibility: Mobile bartending allows for greater flexibility in terms of event planning and execution, as bartenders can adapt to changing circumstances on the day of the event.

Cost-effective: Hiring a mobile bartender can be a cost-effective option compared to hiring a full bar service or setting up a bar on-site, as they bring all the necessary equipment and supplies.

In conclusion, mobile bartending is a great option for events and parties, offering convenience, professionalism, customization, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. If you’re planning an event, consider hiring a Tap Truck Tampa Bay mobile bartenders for a fun and memorable experience for you and your guests.

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